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The World Needs You to BE YOU...

If you are a Christian Woman who has a heart to follow Jesus and live a life fully connected to the purpose he has for you then you're in the right place. 

Coaching You Into Deeper Emotional Healing

So You Can Create a Lasting IMPACT for God's Kingdom

Sound Familiar...

Do you struggle with self-acceptance?

Do you feel like you don't fit in wherever it is you go?

Do you find yourself changing things about yourself depending on who you're with or what you're doing?

Do you find it frustrating or awkward when others make fun of your faith?

Are you unsure how to handle judgments towards yourself?

Do you feel pressure to appear "perfect" as a Christian?

Do you shame yourself in hopes of changing behaviors?

Do you find yourself doing things that aren't in-line with your beliefs?

Do you struggle with negative self-talk?

Do you DESPISE your past?

Do you FEAR that you're going to step back into your old ways?

About AccessingGod

AccessingGod was created with the vision, to see believers walk out their purpose, and truly reflect the love and compassion of Christ without any hinderances. There are far too many Christians who feel powerless to their pain, and unfortunately the church has not been fully equipped to solve this problem. 

AccesingGod first started as a blog in 2020 and now offers coaching with Danielle B. Stickley. Danielle helps Christian Women who hunger for a life free from the powerlessness towards emotion, and who want to have their hearts aligned to Gods.


Danielle has been on an emotional health journey the last 4 years and earned her Life Coaching Certification in November (2022). Since then she has worked with many clients who have experienced breakthroughs from her coaching. 

She has a heart to see the World filled with POWERFUL followers of Jesus who aren't afraid of anything. With the World continuing to stray away from Christian beliefs, now more than ever is the time to live a life fully aligned to the Lord.


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A Blog by AccessingGod

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