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Hey there, my name is Danielle! 


I’m a former Division 1 athlete turned into certified life coach specifically helping Christian women come back into alignment with who God created them to be. 


Unlike most things we’ve all heard in the church, I do not help my clients by getting them to pray harder or to memorize more scripture. I do not diagnose problems or tell my clients what they need to fix like most counselors do…


I help my clients manage their emotions, process triggers in a healthy way, confront pain, build up their confidence, discover roadblocks, learn how to communicate their needs, get connected to themselves in new and exciting ways, and step into the impact and influence God designed for their lives.

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My Methodology for Coaching is Simple...

  1. Get connected to yourself through learning about self-awareness

  2. Dissect personal belief systems and spot the lies that have been dictating your life

  3. Understand your pain/triggers/emotions without feeling overwhelmed

  4. Learn how to take care of YOUR heart

  5. Grow your understanding and intimacy with Jesus


Want to know more?

Send me an Email: 

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