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Here I am God

Here I am God. I’m ready.

You’ve conquered death and given me life. You showed me who I am and now I’m never going back. From here on out I’m yours.

God take me under the shadow of your wings. Use me to do bigger and better things. You’ve taken me this far and so much further I will follow.

Send me God. Hineni!

I’m ready to obey. I’m ready to go all in. I’m ready to pay attention. Here I am. Your wish is my command.

I now longer say “I can” my words for you are “I will”!

Whatever is on your heart Lord. Whatever you desire I will do.

I’m ready to offer myself to your service. Loud and proud because you are my KING.

Here I am, Lord! Hineni! Send me!

Question to ponder on: are you willing and ready to go all in for the Lord?

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