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Sin Feels Good

So often we hear that "sin destroys us", which cannot be more true! Although so often we believe it would be very obvious to us the effects of sin in the moment.

But if sin is the thing that separates us from God, then it is not going to be so obvious when we are living in it.

Anything from the enemy is going to be DECEIVING. It's going to feel "so good" and make us believe it's the best thing we can have. It's going to feel "impossible" to turn down". It's going to shut off any logic we have of knowing "right vs. wrong" and make us feel like it's not that big of a deal.

It's always the aftermath. The moments where we've done something and before we can even come to logic of feeling "remorse" or "regret" we first feel so lost of how we even got to this place of depression.

Once sin rules our lives...

We feel more stuck.

We feel more alone.

We feel more self-hate.

We feel more shame.

We feel more guilt.

We feel messed up.

We feel disqualified.

We feel terrible inside and out.

Although I'm not saying these feelings are good, I am saying we ALL go through this cycle. The cycle of not believing the power "sin" has over our lives. The cycle of not believing "separation from God" is all that bad, until we've reached the pits of depression.

There is a reason the Lord tells us to "crucify our flesh and follow him". There is a reason the Lord says "in order to follow me, you must lay your life down."

Our FLESH craves the World, but our God craves heaven. It is up to us to walk in alignment with the Holy Spirit who dwells inside of all who believe and partner with the supernatural power of God to turn down the things that FEEL SO GOOD but truly aren't.

Sin Feels Good.


Jesus thank you so much for living a perfect life. For setting an example on how it is that we should live. How it is that we should pray. How it is that we should commune with our Heavenly Father.

Lord we thank you for giving us your Holy Spirit. For allowing us to have the same power within us that moves mountains. Lord I pray a blessing over all who read this. I pray that every time they're tempted a massive awareness would overflow their body and for the first time ever they would say no to the sin that has been destroying their lives.

That they would feel the FIGHT in saying no to their flesh and fall to their knees in worship. Knowing it is only be GRACE that you saved us Jesus. We ask for forgiveness God. That our flesh wants the temporal things, when you've come to give us life eternal. Lord align our hearts, minds, bodies, and spirits to yours. In the name of Jesus. Amen.

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