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"Wait, God encourages me to grieve, mourn, and wail?"

If you’re seeking to live a life in submission to Jesus Christ, you’re allowed to struggle. 

You’re allowed to weep, mourn, and grieve. 

Why? Because Jesus knows how long you’ve been trying to receive all the things that he is so ever freely waiting for you to receive with open arms. 

Jesus is so sorry for all the time and energy you’ve spent trying to obtain the best clothing, jewelry, cars, accessories, etc. 

It was never meant to be that hard to know that you’re worthy and enough just the way that you are. 

You were never meant to define yourself by what you do, what you look like, or where you stand in comparison to everyone else. 

Resisting the devil and fleeing from him in every shape or form of our life requires grieving, mourning, and wailing. 

God cares about how we feel, that’s why he calls us to weep. We are either weeping in his loving arms or weeping over what it is that we don’t have. 

You see God desires for us to know the difference between striving for the World and receiving his free gift of purpose, identity, love, and grace in TANGIBLE ways. 

The enemy’s number one job is to tell you that you have to seek, perform, and earn everything that Jesus Christ already so freely gives. 

“Grieve, mourn, and wail”

We have a compassionate God who tells us to feel the depth of our hurt and loss. 

No more hiding. No more following the World that for so long sold us the lie that showing our true emotions was a sign of weakness. 

Become the person who is so confidently fearless in who she is. The girl who walks without a care in the world what other people think about her. Be the woman of God who shines her light, embraces her uniqueness, and seeks wisdom. 

This post is Holy Spirit inspired by James chapter 4.

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